Kennedy ‘s inaugural address when he became US President in January In , she graduated from Trinity College in Washington, D. In , Pelosi was elected as a Democratic National Committee member from California, a position she would hold until House of Representatives Elections Pelosi as a member of the U. House of Representatives, Phillip Burton died in and was succeeded by his wife, Sala. In late , Sala became ill with cancer and decided not to run for reelection in She picked Pelosi as her designated successor, guaranteeing her the support of the Burtons’ contacts. Pelosi won the special election to succeed her, narrowly defeating San Francisco Supervisor Harry Britt on April 7, , then easily defeating Republican candidate Harriet Ross on June 2, ; Pelosi took office a week later. Democrats have held the seat since and Republicans , who currently make up only 13 percent of registered voters in the district, have not made a serious bid for the seat since the early s.

Late-life divorce: baby boomers start another trend

Nick Hoult As Carlos Brathwaite smashed England into the bleachers at Eden Gardens last Sunday , there was one very interested television viewer in Dallas, Texas, who is hoping to become the first professional baseball player to make a living from swinging a cricket bat. Boomer Collins is a year-old former outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays who is trying to prove it is possible to switch bat and ball codes and swap a game he has played his entire life for one he had never even heard of just over a year ago.

Collins is the first athlete to sign up to a scheme designed to help baseball players make the transition to cricket. Collins has made quick progress with learning the new sport The changing dynamics of Twenty20 cricket, with athleticism and power-hitting making wealthy stars of its best players, is bringing the sport closer to its American cousin.

With the Caribbean Premier League expanding this summer with six matches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it could prove that Twenty20 is the version of the game that could help cricket finally crack America.

Fans Only! with Boomer Banks & Adam Ramzi Bruce LaBruce’s Flea Pit – Arad WinWin, Dato Foland, Levi Karter & Valentin Braun Bruce LaBruce’s Uber Menschen – Calvin Banks & Colby Keller.

About Us Press Releases Rooney, celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Christmas Spirit Coat and Toy Drive to assist families in need during the holiday season. The giving program begins on November 15 and continues through December Both shows get underway at 8: Click here for full story Rooney, brought back the International in after a year hiatus.

First post time is at 1: The Yonkers International Trot, taking place at the historic Yonkers Raceway at Empire City Casino on Saturday, October 13, , invites all to travel the world without leaving the country at one of the most iconic raceways in the nation. For guests looking for a more traditional racing experience, the Empire Terrace restaurant, which overlooks the racetrack, will also be open starting at One hundred percent of ticket sales benefit Yonkers native Pat Quinn, who was diagnosed with ALS more than five years ago, and his charitable organization Quinn for the Win.

Tickets on Sale Now! Yonkers, NY — Team 80s or Team 90s?

Bob Morris

Though the full extent of child sexual abuse is not clear it appears that: There is arguably no need to spend many years and hundreds of millions of dollars on the proposed Royal Commission. Reasons for suggesting this follow. In the face of clearly declining standards and despite the warning in Matthew 5:

Download and install latest version of CBS Sports app for free at Ratings, user reviews, direct apk files get links, update history.

Does the recent decision by the Fox network to air the comedy reflect a renewed interest on the part of ad agencies in tapping into a sometimes overlooked yet economically powerful market? The decision to create a zany comedy series specifically designed to appeal to seniors may well reflect a new pop culture trend in the USA. For decades, television producers have frequently directed their efforts towards capturing a presumably free spending teen market.

Might the ratings generated by The Cool Kids during the next few months reveal shifts in this strategy? Struggling Broadcast Networks Today television broadcast networks find their television market shares shrinking in the face of streamed media. Innovative companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime now reach millions of households with on-demand television and movie fare.

Their streamed content often siphons away prime time audiences. This rapidly graying section of the population now encompasses an estimated 74 million Americans between the ages of 52 and As more Boomers retire, presumably their TV viewing hours will increase. It follows the antics of a group of rebellious seniors residing in a retirement center.

Baby Boomer Recalls Television in the 1950s By Eric Beheim

Plus, get alerts of changes to your TransUnion report, such as a new credit card or loan account. The service is available to all, not just Discover card customers. Dashlane is a password manager that collects and stores passwords for websites you visit. Online tax software TurboTax makes the tax code understandable, which is no mean feat. It also allows you to import documents electronically from more than 1.

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1988 NFL MVP Boomer

Vitali Klitschko right , 40, and his brother Wladimir left , 36, have dominated the boxing world’s heavyweight division for nearly a decade In the bitter cold of the Ukraine winter a Ferrari glides to a stop outside the Serebro nightclub. It joins a fleet of Bentleys, Hummers and Range Rovers, out of which a seemingly endless procession of women draped in furs emerge to a barrage of photographic flashes.

They cluster around the doorway to one of the most expensive and exclusive nightclubs in Kiev, the capital of a nation awash with oil, money — and corruption. Suddenly the throng parts as the hulking frame of Vitali Klitschko moves through with speed and purpose. As well as brawn Vitali is 6ft 7in tall, Wladimir is 6ft 6in they have brains In the ring, the current World Boxing Council champion is known as Dr Ironfist, because he is the only champion, apart from his brother, to have a PhD in sports science.

Vitali gives me a smile as he steps in front of a TV camera.

Internet Dating and Relationship April Braswell addresses the personal safety issues currently facing online matchmaking industry and the impact for singles. premier paid dating sites are now screening dating profiles against the national database of public sex offender Boomer dating (70) Cougar Dating (5) Catholic Dating (2) Christian.

Trump, Baby Boomer president number three. Every morning I wake up and realize that me and my generation unleashed this flaming madman on the world, and I want to crawl back under the covers and hide. WTF were we thinking? I lived in New York during the years Trump was surfing the tabloid wave to fame and invented fortune, and we just sat there and lapped it up. I saw Trump making a fool of himself in there, his arm slung over the shoulders of this hot babe or that one, tie flying as he pretended to do The Hustle, or whatever it was we were doing back then.

That was the problem, see? We all acted like we owned the world. We were princes of the fucking universe. We were forever ascendant. There was no place to go but up. Nothing was going to stop us. Our friends were running movie studios out in L. They were Senior Editors at the top publishing houses.

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Quote 1 [In , about Meteor ]: Well, I can walk 20 miles and it won’t bother me, but to stand still for 15 minutes is absolute torment! I remember that one day we were standing there and I was griping and Natalie Wood leaned over and said, ‘There’ll come a day when we’ll look back to the good old days when we were just standing here looking at the screen’. In the picture, pieces of the meteor fly off and one of them hits New York and devastates the city. Russians put different emphasis in their sentences.

First Love, Second Chance If a marketable concept could ever trump execution, it’s “First Love, Second Chance,” a TV Land series that resonates mostly because the channel’s boomer audience can.

The year-old Korean War veteran is a resident of the newly-opened Liberty Village, a housing development designed specifically for homeless veterans and their families. He lost his apartment and everything he owned after Superstorm Sandy. But on Monday, he joined elected officials, other veterans and business leaders at a ribbon cutting ceremony for his new housing development in North Amityville. Developed and managed by nonprofit Concern for Independent Living, Liberty Village offers 48 single-bedroom apartments and 12 two-bedroom units.

As of Monday, 56 apartments were occupied and the remaining four were likely to be filled quickly. The Long Island Coalition for the Homeless worked with the federal government and funding sources through earlier this year on the 40, square-foot brick building itself for their new office and community resource center. But terraforming the former Nike missile silos behind the building into a housing development was a much tougher challenge. A federal law gave communities the right to take over closed military bases to help local homeless.

But funding restrictions gave Suffolk County and the Town of Babylon less than the full year in to navigate rivers of red tape at the federal level. Forman asked Senator Chuck Schumer for help.

A Kentucky Derby Experience

LBL does not like to occasionally trash Trump. She prefers to do it on a daily basis. Help her stay sane by following her. She needs to know that someone is paying attention.

Brian Keith (November 14, – June 24, ) was an American film, television, and stage actor who in his six decade-long career gained recognition for his work in movies such as the Disney family film The Parent Trap, the comedy The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, and the adventure saga The Wind and the Lion, in which he portrayed Theodore

That was the first time I had heard about OurTime. I have posted the link here if you are looking for yet another dating site to try out. Here is what they say about their site: I also came across another one: So, what happens when you run into a former online date and what do you do? Here are a few of my experiences: There was the guy that I had coffee with that was really into thin, athletic girls, according to his profile.

We were definitely not a match. He was into every kind of sport imaginable and worked out every day. I saw him months later when I decided to sign up for a gym membership. There he was lifting weights. He had the gloves and everything! I can laugh about it now but at the time I just wanted to run back into the locker room.