This pattern was only used during these two years. Austro-Hungarian Navy Officer’s dagger features double-etched The blade features Austrian eagle, manufacturing mark: Blade shows service wear and scabbard is slightly oxidized. A truly beautiful item in excellent condition for age. Austro-Hungarian naval items are super rare.

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It’s not as expensive as a WSM for example, not by a long shot. OR do what I did, reload. Brass and bullets are available. Lee sells dies for a reasonable price. Here is a page where you can find some good info on the M

May 24,  · I went to my local big5 to look at mosin nagants and they had a steyr m95 labeled “austrian steyr m95 straight bolt action rifle” it had import marks and the only thing i could find that was close to a date was near the barrel that reads as follows w-n

The Steyr M95 or the Mannlicher M is one of the least known in opinion military surplus rifles available on the US market compared to say Mosins, Mausers, and garands. At least on mine, the action has some minor resistance when initially loading the first round into the chamber. The Steyr is fed through a 5 round single stack en bloc clip. From left to right.

The 8x56R is almost identical in length to the 7. The safety is pretty basic: This can also be done in reverse to re-cock the bolt into a firing position. Picture below in next section gives visual aid along with video above. These are pretty basic sights with just two rear posts with the distance ranging from meters all the way out to a whopping meters, and a single point front post adjustable for windage with a small hammer.

I personally have only shot 60 rounds through this gun and never did any accuracy testing or sighting in during the process, but they are similar to that of a Yugo M48 Mauser so I assume the process would be much the same. Demonstrating the iron sights along with the safety switch on the left-hand side of the bolt.

8×50mmR Mannlicher

Carbine Barrels with good bores: Rifles Carbines and all the parts separately. We offer a large selection of military surplus firearms, parts and accessories from around the world. Other less common names are 6. M38 Swedish Mauser I am interested in learning anyone’s experience with the M vs.

Steyr M95 Straight-Pull Rifle, #T, 8x50Rmm, 30” barrel, blue finish, elm stock and upper handguard. Condition is good retaining approx. 50% blue, with some matched parts. Stock with additional coat of .

Integral clip-loaded box magazine, 5 rounds. Straight-pull bolt action, with two lugs on a detachable bolt head engaging the receiver. Leaf sight graduated to schritt. They had full-length stocks and hand guards. Swivels appeared on the left side of the barrel band and on the left side of the butt-wrist. The original unaltered M95 Repetier Karabiner, which lack both a bayonet lug and stacking hook, have a screw that enters the barrel band from right to left, with the screw head showing on the right side of the band.

ALL other front bands produced for the other M95 variations have a screw that is inserted from left to right with the screw head showing on the left side of the barrel band. An original matching M. Weapon designations based on original sling swivel and barrel band configuration:

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Swedish Mauser topic Swedish Mausers are a family of boltaction rifles dating back to. Swedish Mausers are a family of boltaction rifles based on an improved variant of Mauser’s Original Swedish Mauser bolt stop assembly Original Swedish Mauser front band with the bayonet stud for the Original Swedish Buttplate Screws for the Model. Home Early s Swedish Carbine M94 Inbddad videoFiring the Swedish Mauser. It is the carbine and the short length makes it very easy for a smaller person to hold steady.

Current list of collectible bayonets from Scandinavian Countries for sale to bayonet Nordic Countries.

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It was well used and somewhat dirty with dried cosmoline everywhere. And would it qualify as a thirty? Well, in the Europe of the Mauser brothers, whose rifles took over the world military market in the late s, rifle bores. I just got some dies for my M96 Swedish Mauser. I have some bullets for it. All of my books are for the carbine version.

The High Road

Mannlicher Gallery A Mannlicher Introduction Mannlicher-Schoenauers and their proprietary cartridges have lived in a world of song and story for over years, and they are still going strong in as can be discerned by the advent of the. Traditional interest remains high concerning the 6. So, what is the mystique of the Mannlicher that keeps these year old firearms in the sporting interest?

The M95/30 was a conversion in the First Austrian Republic by Steyr-Mannlicher during – These rifles carry the letter S meaning Spitzer stamped on the barrel. Main modification was the rechambering to 8×56mmR cartridge.

What is a Schmidt-Reuben? Okay, okay, what is a Schmidt-Rubin? Schmidt-Rubin rifles were a series of straight-pull rifles, who’s action was designed by Rudolf Schmidt to use the copper-plated bullets perfected by Eduard Rubin. The first Schmidt-Rubin rifle entered Swiss service in What is a straight-pull action? The name says it all. Unlike a traditional bolt-action rifle, where you first lift up on the bolt handle to retract the bolt, with a straight-pull rifle, you simply pull straight back on bolt.

Was Switzerland the only country to ever use a straight-pull rifle? No, but theirs was arguably the most “successful” design. However, they all discarded had their straight-pull actions well before the start of WWII. The Swiss continued to use the Schmidt-Rubin series until the late 50s. Did the Schmidt-Rubins ever see combat? Not that I know of.

Dutch M95 steyr carbine and Hembrug long rifle

It was initially adopted and employed by the Austro-Hungarian Army throughout World War I, the main foreign user was Bulgaria, which, starting in , acquired large numbers and continued using them throughout both Balkan and World Wars. A number of these rifles saw use in World War II, particularly by second line, reservist, and partisan units in Romania, Yugoslavia, Italy. The M bolt also served as an almost exact template for the ill-fated Canadian M Ross rifle, the M was originally chambered in the 8mm M.

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Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window The most successful series of straight-pull bolt-action military rifles in history were invented by Ferdinand von Mannlicher — Mannlicher had first become fascinated with firearms while visiting the World Exposition in Philadelphia. Upon returning to Austria, he devoted his engineering talents to firearms development. Mannlicher is famous for his straight-pull bolt designs, which he felt provided the soldier the greatest firepower with the least amount of physical effort.

But he is better known for the magazine system that even today carries his name: This consisted of a magazine charged with prefilled metal clips, holding five cartridges that became part of the magazine until the cartridges were all fired.

The Russian Mosin Nagant Forum

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62×54 Brass and the steyr m95 8x56r The M was the Austro-Hungarian main battle rifle during World War I, and for some time afterwards. 2 mm (0. ca mm cut shell brass trench art ash tray trench art lamp cast iron japanese sword tsuba steyr model kropatschek rifle 8x60r Welcome to GunSite.

Discovering Yugoslavian M95M Rifles and bayonets. Ottobre As a military rifle collector there is no way for me to pick a “favorite” from my collection but I do find Yugoslavian M95M conversion rifles fascinating. Very little information has been published in English on these odd rifles although there is mention of them here and there with little or no detail.

That’s when I finally noticed the odd barrel length being longer than the other carbines but far shorter than a full sized rifle and decided to set it aside until I knew what it was. Fast forward almost 4 years to when I made the bayonet collecting part of my hobby into a full time on-line business. The light bulb went on in my brain and I mated the rifle and bayonet perfectly. I still had no clue about the who, what or why until sometime in when I was thumbing through my copy of “The Book Of Rifles” and found a short blurb identifying this very rifle.

Mystery solved BUT more mysteries were yet to come. In I was at a gun show and tripped over the upper rifle shown. I knew it was an M95M by this time but the seller had no clue.

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Price includes UK delivery. Superb image and great detail. Introduced to Sqaudron in it had a range of km. The fuze is complete with all its electronic componants and measures 40 H, 46 L, 33 W. It is made of alloy with a steel front plate and is VERY heavy. Delivery by arrangement and price on application. A superb piece of Cold War armament and the Ultimate in fuze collecting. A very nice condition WW2 brown leather flying jacket of either British or American manufacture.

It is fully fur lined with a working front zip and two working lower sleeve grips. Large size and fits 38″ chest. Worn by all Luftwaffe pilots. It is lacking side buckles and top elastic and has a sheepskin liner.

Steyr M95 (Gewehr M95)