Green holds that the parthenon was the room in which the peplos presented to Athena at the Panathenaic Festival was woven by the arrephoroi , a group of four young girls chosen to serve Athena each year. In 5th-century building accounts, the structure is simply called ho naos “the temple”. The architects Iktinos and Callicrates are said to have called the building Hekatompedos “the hundred footer” in their lost treatise on Athenian architecture, [22] and, in the 4th century and later, the building was referred to as the Hekatompedos or the Hekatompedon as well as the Parthenon; the 1st-century-AD writer Plutarch referred to the building as the Hekatompedos Parthenon. Older Parthenon The first endeavour to build a sanctuary for Athena Parthenos on the site of the present Parthenon was begun shortly after the Battle of Marathon c. This building replaced a hekatompedon meaning “hundred-footer” and would have stood beside the archaic temple dedicated to Athena Polias “of the city”. Further physical evidence of this structure was revealed with the excavations of Panagiotis Kavvadias of — This platform was smaller and slightly to the north of the final Parthenon, indicating that it was built for a wholly different building, now completely covered over. This picture was somewhat complicated by the publication of the final report on the —90 excavations, indicating that the substructure was contemporary with the Kimonian walls, and implying a later date for the first temple.

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Serious dance hardly existed in the United States in the first half of the 20th century. One remarkable American, Isadora Duncan, had played as large a role at the turn of the century and after as anyone in the emancipation of dance from the… From antiquity through the Renaissance Before written records were left, a vast span of time elapsed about which scholars can only speculate.

Pictorial records in cave paintings in Spain and France showing dancelike formations have led to the conjecture that religious rites and attempts to influence events through sympathetic magic were central motivations of prehistoric dance.

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Traditionally, young couples were introduced to one another by their families and their dates were chaperoned until they were married. However, many young people in Greece now prefer to meet people through work and social activities. Traditional Dating It is a Greek tradition for young men and women to be introduced to one another by their families. The young people meet at the home of the matchmaker, usually a family member, and a date is arranged if they like the looks of one another.

Traditionally, the young lovers would have been chaperoned, but this is no longer common. The courting couple also would have spent a lot of time getting to know one another’s family. However, many Greek women still enjoy old-fashioned courtship, and wining and dining them and giving them flowers demonstrates that romantic gestures never go out of fashion. Ancient Greece Courtship rituals in ancient Greece were very elaborate. A famous example involves Cleisthenes, tyrant of Sicyon, in early sixth century BC.

He spent a year entertaining the 13 suitors for the hand of his daughter Agariste, subjecting them to wrestling matches, chariot races and personal interviews.

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June 25, from Bokura ga Ita Japan and the United States have different views of dating and marriage. There are many similarities, as well. Marriage has a long history in Japan, a history that is based on gender roles influenced heavily by Confucian views.

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Therefore, much of this article is limited to the discussion of etiquette which is peculiar to only a particular part of Europe. Generalizations[ edit ] While Europe contains a wide variety of social traditions, it is also excluding Russia relatively compact, well-traveled and urbanized compared to many other continents or cultural areas. As such many expectations regarding etiquette are shared across Europe. Avoid stereotypes and generalizations, because you are likely to cause offense to the country you are visiting and shows your country in a negative way.

Generalizations are never good, e. Just as not all Americans chew “spitting’ tobacco” and wear cowboy hats there are cultural variations and you should never make an assumption asking is the safest thing to do. Consideration[ edit ] Etiquette begins with some sensitivity to the perceptions and feelings of others and the intention not to offend. Failing to thank and compliment a host, using a mobile phone in a theater, taking the last bit of a dish without offering it to others and many other examples of bad manners fall into this category.

Distinctions[ edit ] As elsewhere, many people in Europe are proud of their distinct ethnic, national, religious, linguistic or cultural identity and may be insulted by those who fail to make the distinction. For example, a French-speaking Belgian may be offended if referred to as French person. An example might be trying to discern whether someone is Irish Catholic or Anglo-Irish. When in doubt, avoid characterizing people according to a cultural identity.

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Be sure to follow these fundamental rules on what to write and what not to write in your emails. Email etiquette In Task 1, you will see the rules that are left blank in the article below. Email dos and don’ts A lot of people still have problems writing emails. So I hope these suggestions will help. Always check you’ve got the right name in the ‘To’ box.

And make sure your email only goes to the people who need to read it.

Etiquette (/ ˈ ɛ t ɪ ˌ k ɛ t / or / ˈ ɛ t ɪ k ɪ t /, French:) is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.. The French word étiquette, literally signifying a tag or label, was used in a modern sense in English around Etiquette is behaviour that assists survival and.

Terminology[ edit ] Kouros representing an idealized youth, c. He is aware of his attractiveness, but self-absorbed in his relationship with those who desire him. He will smile sweetly at the admiring lover; he will show appreciation for the other’s friendship, advice, and assistance. He will allow the lover to greet him by touching, affectionately, his genitals and his face, while he looks, himself, demurely at the ground.

Though the object of importunate solicitation, he is himself not in need of anything beyond himself. He is unwilling to let himself be explored by the other’s needy curiosity, and he has, himself, little curiosity about the other. He is something like a god, or the statue of a god. Cretan pederasty The Greek practice of pederasty came suddenly into prominence at the end of the Archaic period of Greek history; there is a brass plaque from Crete, about BC, which is the oldest surviving representation of pederastic custom.

Such representations appear from all over Greece in the next century; literary sources show it as being established custom in many cities by the 5th century BC. A man philetor, “lover” selected a youth, enlisted the chosen one’s friends to help him, and carried off the object of his affections to his andreion, a sort of men’s club or meeting hall. The youth received gifts, and the philetor along with the friends went away with him for two months into the countryside, where they hunted and feasted.

At the end of this time, the philetor presented the youth with three contractually required gifts: Other costly gifts followed.


They must co-operate with and show respect for their teachers, all adults and the other children Good discipline is a prerequisite of kids to enable school teachers to be able to teach a group of children the skills they will rely on for the rest of their lives. If School Etiquette in its many aspects is not spelt out for them, how are they to know what the boundaries are? To help kids we have provided some simple guidelines for them to follow please see below.

International Etiquette – the Webster dictionary defines Etiquette as “the forms, manners, and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required in social relations, in a profession, or in official life” – etiquette really is about respect, good manners and good behavior.. It is not just each of these things, but it is ALL of these things rolled into one.

I was vaguely aware of my husband in the background yelling at me to wear something more glamorous, but what did he know? I had to be respectful of the church dress code! As we walked into the churchyard, it was as if I had stepped into an episode of Dynasty. The towering stilettos, the glittering dresses, miniscule skirts, cleavages so gravity defying that NASA should be called in to investigate, enormous hair and more makeup than a MAC store.

It was a sight to behold. What church dress code?

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The largest minority language is Macedonian, spoken by 1. Others include Albanian, spoken in the centre and the south, Turkish, spoken by Muslim communities around the Aegean, and Arumanian and Bulgarian. None of these minority languages has official status. A recent study found that Greeks’ pride in being Greek surpassed the ethnic satisfaction of every other European nation.

Plays continue to be staged in the theatres where they were originally performed.

Western dance: Western dance, history of Western dance from ancient times to the present and including the development of ballet, the waltz, and various types of modern dance. The peoples of the West—of Europe and of the countries founded through permanent European settlement elsewhere—have a history of dance.

Once you go on a romantic date there are particular things and ways you ought to behave. Obviously the person is wanted by you to get so you shouldnt try and be somebody to know you that you are not. When you venture out on a date you must dress and look Wonderful. This will show each other you care about your appearance nevertheless you also value what they think about you. If you dont worry about what the other person believes you then probably shouldnt be Heading out on a romantic date using them.

In the event you claim to discover further on worth reading , we know about many on-line databases you might investigate. Depending on the person you are taking out you should also remember to start the vehicle doors and all doors for your day. If the girl you’re going out with is really a feminist, then let her open the doors and do things for herself or it will bother her.

She will also want to buy her own food.

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Guest Contributor October 5, Last updated: May 28, A Primer on Greek Mythology: This is a guest post by Tony Valdes. Welcome back to our series on Greek mythology. In the last post we defined what a myth is and examined the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. Today we will leave the lofty heights of Olympus and come down to the mortal world.

Jun 20,  · Revered by classicists as the fount of European civilization, Greece is an easy country to fall in love with. When you’re not cruising around its many islands in the Aegean Sea, or counting.

It is not just each of these things, but it is ALL of these things rolled into one. It is also about leadership, taking the time to put others at ease and thinking before you act. Of course what is considered good etiquette in one country could be considered extremely bad manners in another country. You know the old saying ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’? Well to some degree that applies here. Cleaning your plate at the dinner table in China is not good dinner table etiquette – it may even be considered bad manners.

It could be construed that you did not have enough food on your plate and you are still hungry. In a Greek family home, leaving food on your plate could be taken as an insult; the hostess may think you do not like the food. Not a good idea if she is a typical Greek Mamma! In Iran, I believe it is best to never eat with your left hand, it could be considered gross indecency as that hand is kept for toilet purposes only.

Some cultures practice a very formal etiquette in bussiness and social situations. Many stick to their traditional customs.

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April 14, at 9: After a cosmetic procedure about 10 years ago, to remove wrinkles my doctor recommended that I wear a sunhat to prevent brown spots from developing on my face. A woman is absolutely allowed to wear a small-brimmed hat at a dinner function or at a restaurant. In general, a woman would not wear a large brimmed hat after sundown because she would not need to protect her face from the sun.

There is plenty to see on Corfu, one of the greenest of the Greek islands – thanks to intermittent but torrential rains from September to June, and the thousands of olive trees that carpet the.

Visitors to Greece should consider getting a guide — in addition to helping with navigating the staggering number of archaeological sites, a guide can also share the stories and Greece has lots of them from a real, live source. No matter how you explore, here are some of the best sites to see on a trip to Greece. Samothrace For a taste of what ancient Greek life may have looked like, book a stay in Samothrace. Not much has changed on this rugged Aegean island, which floats right near the Turkish border.

Paradise is probably the first word that comes to mind: There are olive groves, deserted beaches in the south, and hidden lagoons with waterfalls, making this a great spot for self-guided tours.

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Greek Wedding Traditions June 18, by MuffyMarracco Greek wedding traditions have their roots in ancient customs and religious ritual. Perhaps you are familiar with them from weddings you have attended. These traditions unite the Greek people around the world. You can learn more about Greek culture with this Udemy course. Engagement Rings When Greek couples get engaged, they typically exchange engagement rings in the presence of their family.

Each partner gets a plain gold band to wear on the left hand to signal the engagement.

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Relaxnews AFP Getty Relaxnews – Two out of three men think women should help pay for a date, although most feel guilty about accepting their money, a U. Of the 64 per cent wanting to split the bill, 44 percent said they’d even ditch a love interest who never doled out any dollars. That said, 76 per cent of men felt bad about pocketing payments from possible partners. The findings are based on research led by psychologist David Frederick of Chapman University in California.

He oversaw a team that combed through data from more than 17, people to see how changing gender norms have impacted on time-honored notions of courtship. Eighty-four percent of men, and 58 percent of women, reported that men pay for most dating expenses, even after they’ve been going steady for a while. Fifty-seven percent of women claimed they had offered to pay for a date — although 39 per cent confessed they hoped the man would reject their offer to chip in.

In any event, over time, the vast majority of participants, both male and female, said they shared dating expenses in the first six months of seeing someone exclusively. Frederick, whose previous research has focused on body image, said the study was motivated by a desire “to understand why some gendered practices are more resistant to change than others. Also on HuffPost Dating Etiquette:

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